The Wild New World

Request to players before Session 2!

Please answer some of these worldbuilding questions in the forum!

Request to players: as input into future sessions, please think about the following questions, and post answers and any other input to the forum!

Think about more worldbuilding:

  • What knowledge or rumour of an opportunity, quest, McGuffin, task or job do you have?
  • What bonds do you have to NPCs (and who are they)?
  • What happened with [other character] on the voyage?
  • Knowledge or rumour of a danger or threat, including monsters
  • One rumour about a location in the New World.
  • What drove you to make the dangerous passage from the Old World to the New?
  • What sacrifice or bargain was paid for your passage?
  • What makes you think you can survive on the frontier?
  • What special item caused fellow passengers to say you had wasted your baggage allowance?



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