The Wild New World

Session 1.2

Partial write up. September 2015

After a bit more searching of the lower levels, the party interact with the sigils on the side of the ZIggurat, opening the entrance.

The progress into the heart of the Ziggurat, lowering themselves with rope into the treasure chamber.
They see copper peacocks with gem eyes and various other items of treasure and loot.

Progressing further they defeat the tomb guardians [skeletons?] and open the tomb to see the restful body of conjoined twin girls. A magic feather is retrieved by [Iain’s character].

On the way back up through the Ziggurat, the circular portal is found and opened, revealing a powerful Mummy. The Mummy is defeated and the chamber behind is searched and looted.

Having gained spoils the party heads back to Johanestown with their loot on one of the recovered lumber wagons, being pulled by the Barbarian.

They encounter some more lizardmen, most of whom are defeated, but at least one escapes in the general direction of the distant volcano.

The party are followed by eyes in the jungle canopty that turn out to be Stabby Monkeys. The party are swarmed by them, taking damage from their crudely formed shivs. However party causes the troop sufficient damage to drive them off. [Iain’s player] monentarily loses his rapier to a moneky, buy he manages to recover it before it abcondes too far.

They make reasonable progress back along the lumber trail and camp a few hours from the town.

In the morning the Ranger wakes up having been partially eaten by a huge constrictor snake. However, with help from his companions he is retrieved and the snake killed and skinned.

Arriving in Johanestown the usual “street uchin” children come up to the party begging for food or other trinkets.

The Ranger sells the snake skin.
The other items, including the copper peacocks are offered to the [Antiques and Curios Dealer].

The party report the news of the lumberjack massacre and return the carts.

[Confirm loot gained including the copper peacocks and The Twin Feather.]



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