The Wild New World

Session 2.0 - The Brown Mission

Partial write up. Run using Funnel World rules

The players each chose two or three 0th level peasant characters from a select randomly rolled by the GM.

The characters left the wooden mission house in search of Parson Brown and their salvation.

The party avoiding drowning in quick sand.

One member encountered a River Rat.

The party killed a juvenile Parrot-bear and absconded before the mother could take exception to that.

One party member was killed by falling rocks at the edge of the mesa.

Using rope the party fixed a precarious rope bridge up to the mesa top.

Cresting the mesa cliff one party member was set upon by Cliff-mites.

On the mesa top Parson Brown was encounter but did not seem to be himself. He was under the influence of Angel Spawn.
A party member got infected [Piers’ character] but was then pushed into the charnel pit by another party member.

Seeing nothing of value and no salvation the party decided to head for the distant smoke what appeared to be a steading (perhaps Johanestown)? With supplies already down to zero and dangers still to encounter on the way, it seems very unlikely that any of them made it.



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