The Wild New World

Session 3.2

Partial write up. March 2017

A few more adventurers appear, having pulled the wrong lever on a magical portal.
Aoife Isbjørn
Centurian Baldwin

A Raccoon-wolf skitters away.
The Orcs return and push a burning ball of hay into the catacomb, then seal the entrance.

Pushing into the catacomb a large chamber is found.

It contains a pit trap and tw ranks of skeleton soldiers, lead by a sergeant.

Having escaped the skeletal soldiers they pass through a doorway and managed to collapse it behind them. Unfortunately this uncovers a swarm of Fire Beetles, one of whom kills [Matt’s character] with its fire spit.

The party go into the next chamber which has a lower level filled with opaque gas. In the centre a raised dias exhibits a skeletal lord who directs his elite skeletal bodyguard to attack the intruders.

[Binky’s character] uses a captured Orc mask to reduce the effect of the gas.

The elite skeletal guard are defeated and the gas dissipates.

The party find the small chest of coins, the skeletal lord’s crown and the magical flame which always seems to blow towards the [Immaculate Flame] and provides some magical healing, but at a cost if overused.

The skeletal lord’s throne also appears to have a lever similar to the lever that some of the party pulled to arrive at this catacomb.

[To add treasure details]



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