The Wild New World

Request to players before Session 2!
Please answer some of these worldbuilding questions in the forum!

Request to players: as input into future sessions, please think about the following questions, and post answers and any other input to the forum!

Think about more worldbuilding:

  • What knowledge or rumour of an opportunity, quest, McGuffin, task or job do you have?
  • What bonds do you have to NPCs (and who are they)?
  • What happened with [other character] on the voyage?
  • Knowledge or rumour of a danger or threat, including monsters
  • One rumour about a location in the New World.
  • What drove you to make the dangerous passage from the Old World to the New?
  • What sacrifice or bargain was paid for your passage?
  • What makes you think you can survive on the frontier?
  • What special item caused fellow passengers to say you had wasted your baggage allowance?
Session 1.1
Tue 15th Sept 2016

Horse-trading for class playbooks resolved amicably.
Basic character introductions were provided.

The party, having survived the difficult sea crossing from the Old World, have found themselves at Johanestown colony. Before they could even regain their sea legs they have been sent off to investigate the stoppage of supplies of lumber (vitally needed to continue to build and fortify the colony). The lumberjacks were known to be using an abandoned ziggurat rising from the jungle as their base.

3 days travel from Johanestown, the ziggurat was found empty and trashed. It soon became apparent this was due to lizardmen. Three in the top of the ziggurat were defeated, and as the party prepared to camp overnight, a further 5 were killed, with 2 being driven off in the general direction of a distant volcano.

Items gained:

  • A personal diary of one of the lumberjacks was found.
  • The lumberjack’s store-room contained 5 usable rations (1 Weight), and 3 uses of Lumberjack gear (1 Weight).
  • 8 small gold nuggets (each 1 Coin) were found on the lizardmen’s bodies
  • as were a couple of makeshift knives, and the volcano-glass tipped spears and javelins they were wielding. [Volcano-glass tipped Javelin: #Near #Thrown #Reload #Fragile (or if just used to stab, just #Close #Fragile.) Set of 3 is 1 Weight; Makeshift knife see rulebook for Knife, but also #Fragile; Volcano glass spear, see rulebook for Spear, but also #Fragile.]
  • 4 lumber carts were found nearby, 3 with full loads of lumber. They can be pulled by mule, donkey, or at a push, by hand.

Items lost:

  • A total of 2 rations each were used by each party member – the overuse was mainly due to the barbarian, who- it is to be assumed – will no longer be in charge of rations…

Possible opportunities:

  1. The two lizardmen were partially tracked by the Ranger, and were heading in the general direction of a distant volcano.
  2. On two occasions a single dull thump was heard from within the core of the ziggurat. There are no other obvious entrances to the ziggurat, but the exterior has not been fully searched, nor the large runes on the main face.
  3. There is still a lot of mess in the trashed lumberjack’s living areas, perhaps a more detailed search will turn up something useful?
  4. There has been no sign of the lumberjacks; of the food waste found only waste lumps of donkey-meat and bones could be identified.
  5. If the party are able to transport the lumber to the colony they’d probably get 10 Coin for each of the 3 loads. The carts themselves each carry 20 Load and a worth perhaps 20 Coin each, but they no doubt already have an existing claim to their ownership.
  6. While keeping watch overnight the Paladin noticed a Discovery, which will be revealed next session.
  7. What were the monkey-shaped creatures stalking the Ranger, and do they pose a threat?

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