Lily the Elf Bard

Lily the Elf Bard, played by Piers


Lily wants freedom, safety and power, in that order.

Her Fiddle is the (previously) never before played instrument of the Elf King.

Apropos of nothing, penalties for crimes such as stealing are extremely harsh, even petty theft if met with execution.

Character Fronts for Lily the Elf Bard
Danger: The Elf King would very much like his Fiddle, and justice

  1. Grim Portent: The Elf King is aware that the Fiddle has been played on the continent of the Wild New World.
  2. Grim Portent: …?
  3. Grim Portent: …?
    Impending Doom: …?

Lily the Elf Bard

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