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There’s no space to grow back in the Known World…huh, I suppose we should call it the “Old World” now…

The towns are overcrowded. Guilds control trade. Food is expensive. Nobility control the taxes and they ain’t going down any time soon. Priests pray for our damned souls towards deaf celestial ears. Even magic fails us, the last strands of usable magical power are jealously guarded by the privileged few for the benefit of themselves alone.
There’s no escape for the likes of us, no chance to improve our lot, no…adventure.

But a few short years ago the tempests on the edge of the Old World seemed to abate. Trade ships blown far from their traditional routes reported new lands. Many expeditions were launched, and a scant few returned bearing new plants, artifacts, animal parts, raw materials and stories – oh stories – of wonders far outweighing even what they brought back.

Even the ships that did return had lost most of their crew. This New World is wild, untameable, and in it we struggle to survive. We came to conquer, to subjugate, but we are aliens here. Food and drinkable water is scarce. The land itself revolts against our presence. The jungles fight back; poisons, venoms and diseases we’ve never encountered harvest the weak. Rocks fall from precipitous mesas (everyone dies). Cataracts flood in a flash, sweeping everything into fresh sinkholes to infernal oblivion. The natives are erratic at best, trading and guiding one day, raiding and massacring the next. Things issue forth from crevices and caves; spitting forth a writhing, crawling repost to our “conquest”.

But we persist. We have wedged a small toehold – Johanestown colony – a small point of light in a vast weird darkness.
Out there, beyond these thin wooden walls, are beasts, bogies, monsters. They inhabit the forests, live under the mountains, dwell in the ruins of ancient constructions and they – most obviously – do not like us.

Every precious hour spent recovering back at the colony means an hour for someone else to make the discovery that will make them a future king.
So provision your pack animal, take up torch and sword, and stride forth into the dark wilds.
Rejoice, for we special few finally have the only thing we ever asked for, the chance to rise above our station or die trying… The chance for adventure in: The Wild New World!

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